How to activate Internet Service for Chalmers MasterCard?
  • How to apply for Internet Service *

(1) Go to
(2) On the left side click on "Registering"
(3) Fill in the form

Personnummer = Swedish Personal Number
Välj användarnamn = User Name
E-postadress = E-mail address

(4) Click on "Beställ lösenord"
(5) They send you your password a few days later by post

  • When you received your password by post *

(1) Go to
(2) Enter your user name and password and login
(3) On the left, click on "Kontoinformation"
(4) Click on "Visa"
(5) That is your transaction records!

  • How to change your password *

(1) On the left, click on "Min profil"
(2) Choose "ändra lösenord"
(3) Click on "Nästa"

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