How to get a VISA/MasterCard (for 2008 students)?

(1) Open a bank account in Nordea (including Internet service)
(1') When you apply in person, do not ask the bank to give you a VISA/MasterCard, they will refuse… Instead, ask for a Visa electron card…
(1'') Until you get your MasterCard, use this card.
(2) They will send you an e-kod machine by mail, when you received it: Login to your account with e-kod
(3) On the left panel, click on Kort
(4) On the left panel, click on Ansök
(5) On the right panel, to the right side of Bankkort MasterCard, click on Ansökan
(6) On the part 'Följande konto ska kopplas till mitt bankkort', choose your Personkonto (usually you have only one)
(7) Click on all checkboxes
(8) Clcik on skicka
(9) Your MasterCard will be sent to you by post in 2 weeks.
(10) One week after you received your MasterCard, Call 084025710 and tell them that you have lost your Visa electron card and ask them to cancel it. (Tell them your personnummer)

Congratulations… Now, you've got a MasterCard and you may enjoy shopping online.

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