You can find some useful tips about everything here…

Events at Göteborg

You may check following sites every now and then to attend and enjoy Göteborg events:


You can find announces for second hand bicycles or other staffs in below resources:

  • AnnonsDirekt
  • Blocket
  • Saturday “Göteborg Posten” or GP newspaper
  • On the boards at Chalmers!

Note: Bicycle in swedish is "cykel".


There are some online book stores in sweden you can order book from:

Calling Iran and receiving calls from Iran

You can have fixed phone or bredband telephone from Tele2 with cheap rate from this site. In either case you will have a fixed number but for calling Iran you may buy calling cards like Universal. With Bredband telephone, if you move to some new apartment your phone will come with you without any problems.
To make calls from your PC to landlines in Iran, you can use VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) services. The best options I have discovered so far, considering both quality and prices, are JustVoIP and VoIPRaider (approximate price in August 2008: 0.06 Euro/min to call Iran landlines and 0.05 Euro/min to call Iran Mobile! yes, it's cheaper to call mobile than landline with these VoIP providers).
The other way is to use Skype. It is a messenger like Yahoo messenger but with better quality. Using Skype you may call Iran for 1,042 SEK (1,198 SEK incl. VAT) (per minute) with buying SkypeOut credits from Skype website or from Clas Ohlson (in Nordstan). If you want to receive calls from anywhere, you can buy a SkypeIn number (from any country you decide even USA) for 150 SEK (172,50 SEK incl. VAT) for 3 months or 500 SEK (575 SEK incl. VAT) for 12 months. Then your family may call your fixed number cheaper. And you will receive the calls on Skype wherever you are (even when you are at Chalmers with your laptop connected to internet).

Forex (Sarafi)

If you are funded from Iran, you are probably looking for a safe and fast way of transferring your money. One way to do this is to use Sarafi. Here is a list of Sarafis that are registered companies in Sweden.

Sarafi Telephone Web Address Time to Transfer
Arian Exchange Travel 040-19 30 13, 040-19 30 21 same day
Aschna 08- 280 799, 070- 872 53 59 same day
Irex 031- 160 666, 031- 15 77 74 N/A same day

For the full list of Sarafis click here. This list is taken from

Online Translator

Google have recently added Swedish language to Google Translate.
For 1-click translation, go to this page and follow the instructions in "Get 1-click translations from your browser's toolbar" section. It's extremely handy and simple to use. Go to any Swedish page and just hit the "English" Button. You will get the translated page in English. You can also select a paragraph to use with "English" Button.

Campus map

Using Chalmers online campus map you can find place of diffrent classes and seminar rooms by their names, helps a lot in first days of quarter when you are not sure where to go!

Chalmers library

Purchase suggestion

You can order a book for the library at Suggest a purchase page. You normally receive a feedback in 2-3 working days from the library indicating whether they are willing to buy the book or not. You can even order a book that is announced to be released in a future date.

Inter-library loan

You can request a loan from another library through Inter-library loan (ILL). Locate the book using GUNDA or LIBRIS services or directly from the target university's library. There might be a fee if the book is to be requested from a non-Nordic country.

Connecting to Chalmers servers

Remote access and ssh

You can access your files which are on Chalmers servers (1GB space you have in Chalmers) from any where and run programs remotely using ssh. Complete instructions are available on MoFIT. (in "Knowledge base" part). This is very helpful for students doing extensive numerical calculation! (Specially CAS students)


You can also access to all Chalmers' internal web pages (and external around the world) through Chalmers VPN. There is also another easier way to access Chalmers resources without installing VPN client (like a public library or when you are away or in Iran) called WebVPN.

Credit card

Probably most of you applied for a Visa or mastercard and the banks said no. Instead you should apply for such cards online. Check out the related pages on Chalmers Alumni website and see how to apply for VISA/mastercards online.


  • You can use Systran online dictionary to translate words, web page and text to/from swedish (and other languages). It is quiet helpfull! Note this website needs registration but it is free.
  • A complete online dictionary from Swedish to other languages. It only works with words.

Extracurricular activities

Clubs in Chalmers Student Union

There are several clubs in Chalmers Student Union including:

Free access to several softwares

IranAir ticket with student discount

There is a guide for using IranAir discounts for Iranian student in persian.

Library and internet access

It is not easy to find coffee net or something like that but you can use internet connection at public libraries. Some of them are free by waiting in queue but it is better to register in library with your passport and get your library card, then you can use internet there as long as you want in the library.

Medical care

According to statement of Association of Student Unions in Göteborg you should turn directly to your community health care center in case you need medical care. You will find their address in the ”blue pages” of the telephone directory or at Primärvården Göteborg website. One of these health care centers is located near Chalmers at Gibraltargatan 1C. You can find a center near to your place.
Note: They charge you about 100-200:- (depends on the service) for a visit. It has a limit that if you pay cumulatively 1000:- in a year in the health care system the rest of services will be free of charge. (I am not sure about details…)

Mobile Phone

Use this link to charge your Tele2Comviq sim card via internet and internetbanking.


Some typical prices for prospective students interested in approximating life expence here in Göteborg.


Title Price in Swedish krona
Overall cost for home made food 1500:- / month
Big Mac & soft drink 70:-
Pizza & soft drink 70:-
Beef 80:-
Chicken 30:-
Rice 25:-
Bread 20:-


Title Price in Swedish krona
A furnished room with bath and toilette and kitchen 4500:- /month
A furnished room with shared bath and shared kitchen 2800:- /month
Electricity 200:- /month
Water 0:-


Title Price in Swedish krona
Cinema ticket 120:-
Sports Club 700:-/ 3 months


Title Price in Swedish krona
An Up to date PC - Not Branded 4000:-
An Up to date PC – Branded 6000:-
Cheapest Laptop, Dell, Compaq or Toshiba from 3500:-
Mouse 250:-
Internet Connection, Bread band(for students) 200:- /month


Title Price in Swedish krona
Bus and Tram monthly card 600:-/month
Bus and Tram for one and half an hour journey 20:-
Round way airplane ticket to France with SAS for youth 3000:-
Round way airplane ticket to Stockholm with SAS for youth 600:-
Round way airplane ticket to central europe countries 1500:-
Hire a car for 1 day 300 :-


Title Price in Swedish krona
Set of six glasses 80:-
Pan 200-300
Jeans 300~700:-
Jacket 1000~2000:-
Shoes 300~800:-
T shirt 100:-
Bicycle (Second hand) 500~1000:-


Electronic stuff

Laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, etc are more expensive in Sweden than Iran. In the case of laptops finding a specific laptop without a Swedish Keyboard and Windows is not easy. However, you can have a better support as well as insurance for your purchases here.
If you are planning to buy some electronic systems like digital camera or laptop you can check price in Pricerunner. You may also find some discounts through you blue student card Mecenat. If you are not in hurry, wait for Christmas discounts. Some of cheap electronic stores are:


There is an outlet store near Gothenburg where you can find famous brands like Mex, Nike, Adidas, … cheaper. They are selling out of mode or over produced stuff 1/2 or even 1/3 of city prices. To go there you can take a train (intercity) from central station to Kungsbacka and get off the train on the Hede station. There you can find Freeport (after 10 minutes walk). You can use normal 100 SEK tram cards with 5 points and return within 3 hours.

Shopping center at Ullared

There is a big shopping center at Ullared called Gekås. There you can find good stuff very cheap. You can reach there by bus from Göteborg. It takes one hour to get there. You may check the webcams there to see if it is crowded or not.

Swedish course

You can find information about Swedish course on (details in Persian).

TV in Sweden

In Sweden you can access both analog (normal) and digital (HDTV or DVB) TV. According to Swedish laws if you have a TV receiver (a normal TV set or a computer TV card) you should pay 499 SEK (for 3 months) to Radiotjänst. But for digital TV you should also pay for other channels (other than public channels like 1 and 2).

Backup your files

While, the chance of hard disk failure exists, you may backup you information before disaster happens. In following sites you may have an account to automatically backup your crucial files for free:

  • Storegate for 2GB free account
  • ZYB For backup your mobile phone contacts and calendar

To be completed

Insurance (hemförsäkring)

Judiciary problems


Renting a car or a van

Driver license


Starting a company in Sweden

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